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What do the DecoCookies are?

DecoCookies are more than a decorated cookie. Its unparalleled texture and its magnificent flavor of butter and vanilla is the result of the development of our secret formula over more than a decade of experience. A delicious flavor from the best ingredients, together with the originality, exclusivity and variety of our hand-decorated designs, make each DecCookie the most perfect cookie

What flavor do DecoCookies have? 

Actually we only have the butter and vainilla flavor. New flavors coming soon.

Which ingredients do DecoCookies have?

The ingredients in our DecoCookies are: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Butter (Milk), Water, Meringue Making Powder (egg whites, sugar, cornstarch, xanthan gum, soy lecithin, locust bean gum, sodium aluminum sulfate, iodized salt, gelatin, tartaric acid, cream of tartar, milk), Artificial Colors (Red No. 3, Red No. 40, Blue No. 1, Blue No. 2, Yellow No. 5, Yellow No. 6), Salt, Guar Gum and Potassium Sorbate as a Preservative.CONTAINS WHEAT, MILK, EGG AND SOY.

Do DecoCookies have allergens? 

Yes, this product contains wheat (gluten) egg, soy, and some color additives that may cause allergic type reactions in some susceptible people.

Which is the DecoCookies Nutrimental Information? 

Nutrition Facts Servings: 2, Serv. Size: 1/2 cookie (30g). Amount per serving: Calories140, Total Fat 5.0g (6%DV), Sat. Fat 3.0g (15%DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholest. 0mg (0%DV), Sodium 50mg (2%DV), Total Carb. 21g (8%DV), Dietary Fiber 0g (0%DV), Total Sugars 12g (Incl. 12g Added Sugars, 24%DV), Protein 2g, Vitamin D 0mcg 0%DV, Calcium 0mg 0%DV, Iron 0mg 0%DV, Potassium 40mg 0%DV. 

Does the royal Icing has different flavors? 

No, the royal icing has the same flavor always.

Do you have gluten free, sugar free, no dairy or Kosher cookies? 

At this time, we don't have products with these characteristics

Which is DecoCookies shelf life?

The DecoCookies has a 30 days shelf life from the day of its production.

Should DecoCookies be refrigerated or kept in freezing?

DecoCookies are made to stay at room temperature, it is not necessary to refrigerate or freeze them.

Should DecoCookies be heated before eating? 

DecoCookies are made to eat at room temperature heat it could melt its decoration, so it should not be heated.

Are the cookies produced on a nut free facility?

Yes, our cookies are produced on a nut facility plash free facility.


Why can not I log into my account if I am already registered in the store?

If you have not been able to access, we suggest you first request a reset of the password, in the option "Reset password" that appears below the password field.

Do I have to register to buy something at the DecoCookies online store?

Registration is not necessary. You can place an order in the online store as a guest, but if you plan to make purchases on a regular basis, we recommend you register as it will save you time when you place an order again in the DecoCookies online store.


What are my payment options?

You can pay with Visa, Master Card, American Express and Pay Pal

How can I be sure that my order is received and confirmed? 

You will receive an email with your purchase confirmation and your order number.

I made my order but I did not receive the confirmation mail? 

The mail confirmation from DecoCookies will be received within a period of 72 hours, if this period has been exceeded and the confirmation email has not yet been received, we ask you please send an email to so that you can validate that the purchase has been made correctly.

What kind of mails my I receive on relation to my order?

After having placed your order in the DecoCookies online store, you will receive the following e-mail messages:• Order confirmation: This means that your order has been successfully completed. In principle, you should receive a confirmation a few minutes after placing your order.• Shipment of the order: This means that your order has been sent from our warehouses and is on the way. We will send you this e-mail as soon as your order has left our warehouses. Please use the tracking information that is included in the e-mail, if you wish to obtain more detailed information.

How can I track my order? 

You can track your order by accessing your order history in the "Account" section. Go to the details of the order you wish to follow and click on the tracking number in the "Fulfillment Status" column. Here you will access the carrier's website, where you can find the most up-to-date information. Keep in mind that until the carrier updates your system with the information of your order, you can not follow it through the web. Therefore, it is possible that, when we provide you with the follow-up link the day after you placed the order, you still do not have tracking information. However, carriers usually update the information one (business) day after we send you the link; therefore, if you still do not have the information, try again later. 

If there are no charges on my credit's card bill, my order could be confirmed?

Yes, the charge may take up to 72 hours to register after having placed your order. If you have an order number, your order is confirmed.

Can I cancel or change my order? 

If the status order appears as "Processing" you can ask for changes or cancellation by email to

If I was confirmed that my cancellation was successful how will my refund be applied?

Once we confirm you that your cancellation was successful we refund automatically, but you have to wait for a period which will depend on the banking institution with which you made the payment, in an approximate time of 24 to 72 working hours to be able to confirm that the refund is effective. 

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can pay with Visa, Master Card, American Express or PayPal 

How can I make a promotional code valid? 

If you have a promotional code, you can apply it at the checkout. 

Can I make an order to a future delivery? 

Our online store, is not able to process future deliveries

Can I make an order by phone call, e-mail or social media? 

You only can order your DecoCookies in our online store.


What's the shipping cost? 

There is no shipping cost. All shipments are free throughout the country 

How is the delivery? 

Deliveries are made through Amazon Fulfillment Service

How many days does my order takes to arrive? 

 We guarantee you will receive your order from 2 to 3 job days after your order is confirmed 

Do you deliver outside of Mexico? 

No, at this time we only deliver inside the country. If you are in the United States, you can purchase in our USA online store: 

Will my cookies break in the delivery process?Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop a full safety package, so that cookies are sent with the highest possible 


What is needed to receive my order? 

To receive your order, you only need a person who can sign for it. 

Will I receive a tracking number? 

Of course, once we confirm your order, you will receive by e-mail, the tracking number to check your delivery status. 

Can I sent one order with 2 or more boxes to different destinations? 

 No, you can only choose 1 destination per order. 

Can I pick up my order in a post office? 

No, at this time all deliveries must be sent to a specific place where someone can receive it for you. 


How Can I ask for my invoice? 

You can ask for your purchase invoice filling our Invoice form in this link We will send it to yo in maximum 2 job days. 

Which is the returns policy? 

Due to the nature of our product, returns of DecoCookies are not accepted. We strive to be totally satisfied with your purchase and we trust that it will be. 

Can I wrap my purchase for a gift? 

At this time, we are not able to provide that service.

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